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I like playing Segway Polo. Don't know what that is? You're missing out!
Anyone can play - even you.

I'm the kind of girl that would rather have a night in, than a night out! I have been a huge Disney fan since I was small. I live on a country farm and I am definitely an animal lover! I am a Slimming World member and in nearly a year I have lost nearly 4.5 stone so far. I am for sure an impatient optimist with very futuristic and out there views on the world and Im a huge techy. In 2014 I found my ultimate geek sport and became a Segway Polo goalie. Segway Polo is the newest sport to be taking the world by storm. It is the sport of equals; you do not need to be 'fit' to play, age restrictions do not apply and all equipment is provided. Segways are manufactured the same; one will not be quicker than the other so there really is a level field for everyone. Come and join the family.

Our family

Teams from around the world


Teams: Blade Pirates, Blade Dragons, Funke Move Turtles, XTurtles, Hemer Butterflies, Hannover Hotwheels, Mamuts and the Balve Cavemen


Team: Stockholm Saints and Stockholm Vikings


Teams: All Stars and Wheeling City Tours


Team: Vineyard Devils
Team: Vineyard Devils


Team: Dutch Dukes
Team: Dutch Dukes


Team: Segway Trip Polo
Team: Team Segway Trip


Teams: Warwick Lions, Warwick Bears, Warwick Rocks, Famous 5 and BBC Click

New Zealand

Team: Pole Blacks


Team India: The latest country to join Segway Polo
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I'd love to hear what you think of Segway Polo or when you're next able to join us at practice. Not in the UK? Send me a message and I can provide you with a contact in your country!