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From the best storage solutions for Segways to meet-ups with VIPs. This is your go-to for all things Segway Polo!

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Don't know what Segway Polo is? You're missing out!
The sport of equals; anyone can play - even you.

Segway Polo is the newest sport to take the world by storm. It is the sport of equals; you do not need to be 'fit' to play, age restrictions do not apply and all equipment is provided. All Segways are manufactured the same; one will not be quicker than the other - so there really is a level field. Similar to horse polo, hockey and bicycle polo, the game is rapidly growing in popularity, so much so, that regular practices are held in a variety of countries across the globe. Teams and individual enthusiasts are currently being recruited, taking this exceptional sport to the next level, so if this could be for you too, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Teams from around the world


Teams: Blade Pirates, Blade Dragons, Funke Move Turtles, XTurtles, Hemer Butterflies, Hannover Hotwheels, Mamuts and the Balve Cavemen


Team: Stockholm Saints and Stockholm Vikings


Teams: All Stars and Wheeling City Tours


Team: Vineyard Devils
Team: Vineyard Devils


Team: Dutch Dukes
Team: Dutch Dukes


Team: Segway Trip Polo
Team: Team Segway Trip


Teams: Warwick Lions, Warwick Bears, Warwick Rocks, Famous 5 and BBC Click

New Zealand

Team: Pole Blacks


Team India: The latest country to join Segway Polo
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