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Following on from my last post, which you can read here, I thought I would share with you some of what I got up to this weekend at the Aspalls Polo On The Beach 2017 event which was from Fri 19th – Sun 21st May.

Event schedule on the entrance to the beach

Unfortunately, we all had to work on Friday so we didn’t arrive in Cornwall until quite late on Friday night and were unable to make the activities on the beach that day.

As we arrived at our accommodation for the weekend, I noted that there was a ‘signal bay’ with a bench on the entrance to the site, before you head downhill into a valley. This was the only place from that moment, that you could get a mobile-phone signal! Only in Cornwall.. Won’t be staying there again! (Actually, the place was quite nice so if you need a cheap stay in Cornwall, fully recommend Park Dean – Holywell Bay) It did not, however, sell Tango Ice Blasts. Boooo!

I would have liked to have been able to catch the fireworks display because it looks amazing!

On Saturday morning, I was in Camborne for 9am practice with the team, after a quick stop at McDonald’s for breakfast. We had a few games and a good laugh – the way it should be. A little rain but we played through – soon dried out! Before heading to the beach, we made a pit stop for lunch at Subway.

By 2pm we arrived at Watergate Bay and were surprised at how much Aspalls had managed to pull off for the event. We had an hour to kill until the showcase game, jousting and the Horse Polo, so we had a quick walk around. It was a glorious day too! There were a lot of locals taking advantage for some surfing.

Watergate Bay, Cornwall

There were lots of little stalls to explore from Street Food to Welly-throwing!

You could get everything from a pint to a gourmet burger to Paella in a box!

Tarquins Gin created a special bottle called the ‘Last Chukka’ and very nice it looked too!

Another of the event sponsors, Joules, had some stalls where kids could get creative making mini-mallets. They also had set up a little shop where I managed to buy one of the event shirts I mentioned. You can get one too: Joules.

A little further along, there was a welly-throwing game where you could step up and compete with others on how far you could throw a wellington boot! Only down South…

The one that impressed me the most, however, was Aspalls Cider. They had cute, little seating areas throughout the strip on the beach where people could sit back, relax (an Instagram Paradise if you follow) and enjoy a tasty drink but they also had a bike that you could sit and pedal on, for it to pump out fresh apple juice. What? Yes, Apple Juice.

After we had our segment of playing Segway Polo on the beach, which you can read all about in my last post if you press the left arrow at the bottom of the page, we stuck around to watch Karl perform in the Jousting!

It was at this point where the little boy standing in front of me frustratedly stated: “Mummy, they are just play fighting, this is boring. Can I go play on a Segway now?” which made me giggle a little as the Mum sighed, turned and saw me standing behind them in a jumper with Cornwall Segway on it and she smiled back, shrugged and said “I have a feeling you have a new regular.” So watch out, everyone!

After we had all stood on our tip-toes to watch the jousting with hearts in mouths (for the ones who wanted to believe it was real anyway), the main event began.

Karl was as always, an amazing commentator. After the ball had been hit in the last image, to give you a bit of an insight if you’ve never experienced this, he said “Blimey. That went further than my Nan goes on holiday.” Yep, that’s Karl, a real crowd-pleaser.

If you missed my short explanation of how Beach-Horse Polo works, you can read up on it here.

But in the end, only one could be victorious. It was a gripping match with some phenomenal talent shown from both Team Joules and Team Chambord-Jacquart. One of our very own also played in this match, Andy Burgess and we were all cheering him on from the side-lines amongst thousands of others, that had made it down to the beach to watch such a spectacle!

An event photographer posted this moody picture online of the players having a friendly chat after the game with their trophies and the sunset. Pretty sweet!

Andy is the 1st in the Blue shirt with the beanie hat on; we think he did a fabulous job!

For VIPs there was a beach party to close the evening, where you could get some gorgeous-looking food from the Agentinian BBQ, a drink or two from the Aspalls bar and listen to a live-band on the stage to fill the air with music as we took the chance to gather, as we often do, with the Segway Polo family.

The event continued into Sunday but we decided to head home after a fun-packed day at Aspalls Polo on the Beach! Thank you Aspalls for an awesome weekend at Watergate Bay!

See you again next time!

Meg x

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