Persistence Practice Performance

Persistence Practice Performance ~ Hi Friends, As the Woz Cup draws near, I am seeing across the globe an increase in deliberate practice, more training sessions and in general, a desire to have persistent practice in order to improve performance. I do not believe in ‘Practice makes perfect‘ because what is perfect? Can it ever Read more about Persistence Practice Performance[…]

The here and now – ACT

Acceptance commitment therapy   *Disclaimer – This is scientific behavioural therapy technique taught by professional psychologists globally. The information provided below on this coaching method is a distilled, simplified version of this theory as I am in no way qualified to medically change the state of your mind. Sessions can be anything up to 40 x Read more about The here and now – ACT[…]

Sport for the disabled

The importance of APA (adapted physical activity) for the disabled ~~~ Hi Friends, Segway Polo has always been known as ‘The Sport of Equals’; all are equal – men/ women, young/ old, able/disabled… Segway machines are all made identically, meaning that one is not better than the other or modified to be faster/ slower/ less-reactive. Read more about Sport for the disabled[…]

Blogmas 2016 – Day 9

All things Christmas Hi Friends, I’m exhausted, so I’m going to keep this one short. I’ve had 2 days off work (yesterday and today) to do anything I needed to do before Christmas. Turns out, I basically needed EVERYTHING. Cards, presents, wrapping paper, food – probably should have been more organised! Yesterday, I didn’t get Read more about Blogmas 2016 – Day 9[…]