Persistence Practice Performance

Persistence Practice Performance ~ Hi Friends, As the Woz Cup draws near, I am seeing across the globe an increase in deliberate practice, more training sessions and in general, a desire to have persistent practice in order to improve performance. I do not believe in ‘Practice makes perfect‘ because what is perfect? Can it ever Read more about Persistence Practice Performance[…]

The here and now – ACT

Acceptance commitment therapy   *Disclaimer – This is scientific behavioural therapy technique taught by professional psychologists globally. The information provided below on this coaching method is a distilled, simplified version of this theory as I am in no way qualified to medically change the state of your mind. Sessions can be anything up to 40 x Read more about The here and now – ACT[…]

How good is your goalie?

Hi Friends, Question: Do you have a dedicated goalkeeper, someone with cat-like reflexes that roars instructions at you and your team mates in a rage of spittle and expletives? Do you rotate your goalkeeper throughout a match depending on who is the most knackered? Or do you just stick your weakest outfield player in the goal-zone Read more about How good is your goalie?[…]