Day 1 – European Championships

Hi Friends,

The level of play has been insane!

We hit the venue at around 9am to meet with the team and have a talk; teams were already here practicing. Everything was ready and had been set up – the Spanish are doing a great job as hosts so far!!

dsc_0459 dsc_0709 dsc_0457 dsc_0503

The XTURTLES only had 1 game so we had lots of time to check out the progress of others and take notes for when we play them tomorrow. It ended Xturtles 2-1 Spain.

dsc_0624 dsc_0716 dsc_0774 dsc_0791

As it was just half a day, after the games were over we went back to the hotel to dip in the pool because we were overheating almost! The weather has been glorious so far!!


In the evening, Roberto told us somewhere for Tapas – we had THE longest table – it was like 8 tables pushed together to form a regal-looking, long line for dinner. Food was great – company was even better. Some of the other teams werent with us because they had hired Villas and so stayed there, like the Swedish for example who had a very tasty looking BBQ feast with ice cream from a pretty looking Parlour on the Harbour.. see what I did there 😉 It looked really good!


After a few drinks at the tapas bar where some of the helpers work, we headed back to get some sleep before tomorrow’s hectic schedule.

Keep watch for tomorrow’s updates!


Meg x

P.S I would like to know your thoughts on the rule change for this event. Once ‘Play Until Dead’ has been announced, if a goal is scored, this now counts as ‘Dead’. What are your thoughts on this? I would love to know so let me know in the comments below.

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