Day 1|Hannover Tournament

Hi Friends!

Today is the day that I head over to begin the tournament in Hannover.

I have packed; this took me ages! I am so forgetful! Honestly, each time I leave the house, I always leave something behind. Car keys, House Keys, Purse, Phone, you name it, I’ve left it behind!

Nathan, Simon and I are headed to Birmingham¬†airport to check in and board. I’ll check back in with you all later on! Anyone flying over, have a safe journey and I will see you soon!


We arrived and jumped straight into a taxi to head straight to the hotel (we are staying in The Courtyard). We were given 2 options: The taxi driver did a karate chop hand motion for Fast and moved his fingers to signal walking for Slow; we chose the fast option.

After a refreshing drink in the bar and dropping off our bags in the room we headed to the restaurant to meet with everyone. It was so great to see some whom we had not seen in nearly a year. Everyone seemed happy to see us and all had a great time on the sight-seeing tour of Hannover on Segways, that we unfortunately missed out on earlier in the day. There have been many compliments for Andreas at eco4drive for inviting us to take part on this.

The draw has been made. In true Segway Polo fashion, it has been written on a beer mat!


I can’t wait for tomorrow! See you all pitch-side! PS If anyone is able to take us to the venue at 9.15 tomorrow from the Courtyard, Hannover, we would be very grateful – Otherwise, we will get a taxi.

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