Day 1 – Pflitsch Open

Hi Friends,

I had a message waiting for me when I woke up this morning about 7am to say that not only had they all arrived safely but they had already had breakfast and were set for the day ahead, after just 3 hours sleep.

They definitely had good weather for it!


And everyone seems to be soaking it up!

WernerJana&Verena Simon









Looking at the scores, there seems to have been some really close and probably nail-biting games!


I’ve heard some lovely things about the tournament in general. I hope it all continues tomorrow!

This evening, there was a gathering & I’m not too happy about their food choice. You all know how much I love Schnitzel. They only went and ate it without me! All evening, I’ve had pictures of very tasty looking Schnitzel sent to me and I’ve sat here eating a salad! 🙁


Glad you’re all having a fab time – I miss you all. Sleep well, get some good fuel in the morning and best of luck for tomorrow!

Meg x

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