Day 2 – European Championships

Hi Friends,

It was rather a busy day today with 4 games in total so I needed a large breakfast for all that camera-clicking! The ‘English’ wasn’t really too English and those beans definitely weren’t Heinz so I settled for a very German Cheese and Salami bread roll instead. It started with the Battle of the British for Nathan… GB segway polo team v X turtles followed by Cornwall v X Turtles!


This was so difficult for me as I didn’t know who to cheer for – my country or my fiance?

Dani from Madrid arrived in Denia and it was great to see him because the last time we saw each other was when our team along with Che and Nevin, won the Segway Polo in Paradise tournament in Barbados which you can read about a few posts back on my blog.


The Spanish team had very kindly ordered A LOT OF pizza to keep us going throughout this long day and I have to say, it was one of the nicest Pizza’s I may have ever had!


Following this, he played the Vikings and the Turtles – Won 2 Lost 2 is a fair score for the level of play on show at this tournament I think.. some teams had secretly improved more than I thought they had (DEVILS!!)


In the evening we were invited for a meal with everyone at a restaurant – little did I know that it was really swanky and posh – I felt very under-dressed but you know, it’s Segway Polo so who cares what you are wearing, right? I have to admit that we did actually get lost on the way to finding the venue for food that evening as Google Maps was showing that it was closer to the hotel than we thought and we actually walked a mile from where we parked the car, to find a Car Park right next door to the restaurant – typical! At least we did our daily exercise! Thank you to Malcolm who very kindly persevered on the phone attempting to direct me in a town that he, himself, was not familiar with – I have to say – you have great patience! The food was lovely although there was no vegetarian option – This is something that does need to be considered in future to all of those who are planning tournaments and evening meals. However, there was a lot of alcohol (seemed to be a theme in Spain – they really like their wine)!

dsc_0812 dsc_0815

The day ended stumbling back to the car after eventually finding our way back to where we left it and as it hit midnight, slumping into the comfy beds at the hotel to get some much-needed rest before the final day of the tournament.

Pop back tomorrow to find out who will win!

Meg x

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