Day 2 – Pflitsch Open

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After their mean antics towards me in the restaurant last night, the players were up and out early this morning to get started. Its the second and final day of the Pflitsch Open and it started with a win! Nathan posted a Live stream clip of the game on Facebook and Jana (pictured below) took a tumble due to the pitch being wet and slippy – This is something that I was speaking to Paul (Lions) about yesterday so a mutual feeling across players it seems. I can report that she is fine and was up and continued playing straight away like a true fighter!


Sun scores

Nathan has been posting a few Live clips throughout the day so you should definitely go check them out!

This was followed by a very close game between the Lions and the XTurtles!


It has been a very chilled tournament with only one pitch and few teams – The players have enjoyed the time to watch the games being played in front of them and to socialise between themselves but as always, there’s just as much fun off field, as there is on it! One thing I love about this sport is the respect and the sportsmanship throughout – whatever happens on the field, stays on the field – no matter what team you are in.


The Lions later lost to the Funke-Move Turtles meaning that they have come 4th!! Well done Lions! You did Warwick Segway Polo Club proud.

I’d like to say, on behalf of the Lions, thank you to all teams for their participation and also a huge thank you to the hosts for putting on another great tournament in Germany.

Meg x

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