Day 3|Hannover Tournament

Hi Friends!

What a weekend at the first ever Segway Polo tournament in North Germany, the ‘Hannover Spring Tournament’!

On our final day in Germany for a few months, we headed to the venue, only to be told by our friends and team-mates, once we arrived that our flight was cancelled. This was quite stressful (we were thinking, oh no, will we get home?) but after some website troubles on our English phones, we managed to get onto another flight leaving earlier in the day; it was well-timed as it meant that we could leave after our last game and still make it in time for something to eat. Phew! We did not want to miss any action.

We had to play 2 further games to find out where we would place in the standings (final standings below) which were very tense as everyone was being very competitive and all wanted to win!

Bo, who had given us a lift to the venue from our hotel that morning, told us to remember the favour he gave to us, in the game that we had to play that morning against him and his team, the Blade Allstars. Nathan, from UK Segway Polo 1, responded by showing him the bruised knuckles on his hand from a ruckus the day before when Nathan and Bo were fighting for the ball; So it had to be made even.


We beat the Grey Turtles 3:2 and the Blades beat us 5:1. But we had great games and it was a lot of fun!

Final Standings:
1st Place: Turtles Blue
2nd Place: Helvetic Vipers
3rd Place: Hannover Hotwheels 1
4th: Balve Cavemen
5th: Blade Allstars
6th: UKSP 1
7th: Turtles Grey
8th: Butterflies
9th: Hannover Hotwheels 2
10th: UKSP 2

We were very pleased with this! There are some very good players – it was very nice to hear that they can see improvements in us! Our practices must be paying off.

I want to say thank you for inviting us and making us feel so welcome because we had the best time! The organisation of the 10 team tournament was spot on, concluding with a prize giving that has now set a new bar for all tournaments, I hear. I wish we had been there to see it but due to flight times we had to leave early… Andreas from eco4drive and his partner Cordula did an amazing job! I liked the format for meeting and inviting new players into our family because I made many new friends – we’re looking forward to seeing you all again at the next tournament. Another huge thank you to the hosts!! It was a great tournament that far exceeded our expectations! We hope that you will do this tournament next year and we will definitely come again.

DSC_4511 DSC_4306 DSC_4792

View the German press coverage and also a video here! or check out these articles on or

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