EZK Cup – Day 1

Hi Friends,

I had a great nights sleep and awoke to the smiling, friendly face of my fiancĂ© asking if I wanted breakfast – ofcourse, I always want breakfast!

We stepped into the dining room to find the rest of the British guys already eating and we joined them. I had a large breakfast as I wasn’t sure what food would be available throughout the day so I ate 3 courses for 3 meals! First, some bread with cheeses and meat. Second, some sausages & scrambled eggs. Finally, some honey and chocolate pancakes. Oh, and some yogurt to cleanse the pallette. We began to head to the venue.

Upon arrival, we had a browse of the pitches which seemed great and we could see our friends beginning to mark out the corner spots and goal zones – we did ask if we could help but they declined. Then we went over to greet the small gathering of players that had just arrived; different teams began to arrive so all in all I spent about 30 minutes of hug after hug – I really do love the sport for the friends I have made along the way. So good to see the Austrian team whom I haven’t seen since the world cup last year in Cologne!


There was a short briefing to welcome everyone and make clarity on a few rules which, I think was handled very well and my team were happy for the translation! Thank you from England for having a German speaker and also an English speaker!

Then the games began, 4 at the same time, and the fun started. Our first game was against the X-Turtles then we played the Turtles. The pitches were great although there was a bit more sand than we were used to so the attackers, who tend to move around a little more, we’re finding that it was a bit slippery. Also, the balls being used were an awful lot more bouncy than ones that have been used before so this was a little hard to get used to; especially as a goalie because I was finding that balls coming my way were a lot higher than usual – with the wheels on the Segway only being mid-calf height at most, all that leaves me to save the ball with is the handle of the Segway and my mallett so it’s more difficult to stop those kinds of shots.

For lunch, we headed to the supermarket as we had left a few toiletries at home due to not being allowed them on the plane and we also brought food there – the food that was at the venue looked great but there was a lot of rice and Nathan can’t eat this so we got some sandwiches. Unfortunately, at this point, the heavens opened so we rushed under a big tent that had been set up for us between the two fields. Luckily, it stopped before it was time for the games to start – I was greatful that the lunch break was 2 hours for this reason!

This afternoon, our games are against the Balve Cavemen and the Butterflies on the other pitch to the one we played on this morning. Hopefully the rain stays away for those!

Update: After the drama of rain all lunchtime, it was glorious sunshine and actually very hot! Unfortunately, we lost one game but we did win against the Butterflies so overall, a fantastic day at a fantastic tournament ran by some fantastic people!

Now, we’re all sat around the best Segway Polo BBQ ever!


So for now, love,

Meg xx

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