EZK Cup – Day 2

Hi Friends,

I’m so excited to get back to the games – so far, it’s been so much fun and we have been made to feel very welcome. This tournament is organised on the players – the games are great but also the activities and social times have been thought about too.

I was tired today; Nath had clearly lost patience in trying to wake me up and instead just hit the covers, shouted up and then turned on the lights. Rather rude, wasn’t it? I mooched out of bed and headed down to breakfast. As I hadn’t had chance to wake up as such, I didn’t feel like eating a large breakfast (sorry to my coach – you were right, I felt worse later in the day!). I stuck with sausages and scrambled eggs. They didn’t taste very good with a cappuccino.

Upon arrival at the field, we began to sort Segways and I realised that I left the key at the hotel – I can be so stupid sometimes. So we had to drive back and get it – luckily, the Germans had been great at recommending places to stay and so it was only 4 minutes away by car so we got back with plenty of time. Time for greetings again – lots of hugs – lots of failed attempts at speaking German but also, lots of anticipation for the day ahead.


Just the same as yesterday there is 8 games in a day; you play in 4 of those (2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon). The games that you are not playing in, you have to provide 2 referees. Today, we face: Mammuts, Hotwheels, Dragons and Devils – so a tough day (again!).

The first thing I want to say is that all our games today, bar a few (as to be expected) moments in the heat of the adrenaline-rushing games, have been super fun. I guess that’s what happens when it is not so much a serious tournament like the Woz Cup or the Europeans. Each team has kept it fair. No one has played to destroy. Yes, you can see players wanting to win and succeed. Yes, we still slam our mallett on the floor when we do something that we could have done better. But all in all, most were lightly competitive.

We stopped for lunch and the rain began to pour as the icecream truck left. Isn’t that funny? What was rather funny was seeing the biggest queue of adults lining up like children for an ice cream – so ofcourse I joined the line! I even managed to order 2 spaghetti ice creams in German (with a little help from Bo!).


The rain was really picking up and it started to grumble. Still, they played on, it grumbled some more and we said ok, maybe it’s not safe anymore. The Blades took everyone inside and offered to buy the drinks which was not necessary but a kind gesture. I ordered 3 drinks in German (again, with Bo’s help) – I am doing well, right? Once it had calmed, we headed back outside in order to go home before dark! There was 1 chukka left before our game and I was keeping my fingers crossed that it would at least not be so bad or even stop but it did not.


The last games were against the home team, Blade Dragons and the Devils from Austria. We knew they would be tough so we decided to do our best but mostly, enjoy and maybe we could learn something. I think we realised we have a lot to learn!

We are just about to head back to the hotel to grab some food and freshen up before we meet at 8.30pm for a public viewing (like a TV showing at the cinema) of the German football game. They sat through our poor efforts last night so it’s only fair that we would watch theirs too right? We shall see! I am sure there will be some beers and as always with our family, a lot of laughter!


It’s been another great day! I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Love, Meg xx

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