EZK Cup – Day 3

    Hi Friends,

So today is the last day of play and although now, we are very tired, we are looking forward to finding out who the winner will be!

We woke up late. There was a big rush and I didn’t want to get up. It’s been a long, busy week and I’m very tired. I didn’t even get time for breakfast!

Upon arrival at the venue, we headed onto the pitch ready for our first game against Warwick Bears! Our own – it felt just like training.


We’ve also played Eurotrash and the hosts, Blade Pirate’s.


As today was the last chance to move up the table before they decided who would play the final, everyone was trying very hard. Some matches were beginning to get a little heated and there was quite a bit of subbing so that people had a chance to calm down.

Overall, we’ve had a great time and we have learnt a lot. We always do when we play with teams outside the UK; sometimes it can be boring to play the same all the time. The home team have been fantastic hosts!


The final felt like a million years long. It took until there was 30 seconds left for anyone to score and the reaction from Jana brought me to tears. You could see what it meant to her! She screamed at the top of her voice and was jumping around to the point she nearly missed the line-up! The whole team (even those not on the field at that time) were ecstatic. It was a very tough call as to who would win. The possession was in the centre of the pitch the whole time and everyone was just waiting for someone to score!


The prize giving was led by Michael and Bo; they were unique trophies – a Blade stuck into a plinth. They look really cool! And every team was given some local alcohol and some shot glasses which I thought was a lovely touch. Jana won MVP and our very own, Emma, rightfully won the ‘Rookie of the year’ award.


As people began to disperse for flights and to collect children from grandparents, it hit me that it was time to go – this is always hard but I know it’s not long until I see them all again. Many swapped shirts and merch – everyone exchanged hugs and bad German/ English in an attempt to say farewell.

For two, the pleasure lasted a little longer than the rest as we headed out to find our last meal – most places are closed on a Monday (it’s kinda like our Sunday in England). We ended up in a sweet little bar called Brandy’s – guess what you guys – I finally had the schnitzel that I had been dying for!! Talk about last minute though! But it was so worth it.. I had the Brandy’s Pan which had schnitzel with a fried egg on top, steak, chips & salad – I was so full afterwards that Nathan was poking my belly saying maybe I would pop because I look like a balloon – how loving.. not! After a bunch of jokes and laughter, we said goodbye for the last time as we had an early flight to catch. It will be a long day as once we get into London, we are celebrating Nathan turning 27! Happy birthday Captain!


I’d just like to say, on behalf of us all, thank you for having us, thank you for creating a great tournament – you’ve made it very hard to match for the Woz Cup! And we look forward to next October for the next EZK Cup!


Until next time, all my love,

Meg x

P.S. As it was requested, the toothpaste I used was a travel-tube of performance enhancing, minty-fresh gel purchased from the Drug Store. Anything else you’d like to know, please feel free to message me!

Thanks to Peter Meuter, Barbel, Silja and Drew for all the pictures over the last 3 days!


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