German National Easter Tournament

Hi Friends,

Teams have now been picked and the games at the German National Easter Tournament have begun! The local team, the Butterflies, lost their first game to the Turtles but are on the goals scoreboard with 2 goals to 5! Currently the Hotwheels are playing the X-Turtles…


The idea to have this kind of practice with other Teams, was born in Hannover some weeks ago, when the Hotwheels asked the Butterflies if they could join their practice, which is on Mondays. They started to invite more teams from near-by to join us; The turtles and x-Turtles also wanted to come to Hemer as well as Bärbel and Bo from Solingen (Bärbel joined Team turtles and Bo became a butterfly – They were really happy about that!).


The forecast for the day was horrible, and the local team planned to provide coffee, warm tea and water for all the players… but it turned out well and the players were lucky. Only it was very, very windy, so it was really difficult to shoot the ball. During the morning’s matches, the sun showed up a little bit but still, the wind blowed really hard and even the goals couldn’t stand it sometimes. Everyone seemed to have a lot fun and it’s always nice when you get to see Friends that you don’t cross often. But its not Segway Polo without some heart-stopping moments: during the Butterflies VS x-Turtles match, Verena from the x-Tturtles was fouled by Butterfly Stefan. They collided and she fell from her Segway but was able to continue after a moment… (We all hope she is well now!). Meanwhile, the weather got worse and worse and it really started raining so much that the last match, which was between The Turtles and the Hotwheels, had to be cancelled in the last chukka.


The final Rankings:

1. Team Turtles
2. Team Butterflies
3. Team X-Turtles
4. Team Hot Wheels

Afterwards, they all headed to a Chinese Restaurant which I’m sure was really fun and a great laugh!

The hosts were really surprised and happy that Reto came all the way from Switzerland to join their tournament and hope he got home safely.

Message from the hosts: Greetings from Hemer to all international friends!


Meg x

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  • You are beautiful JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! I love your confidence and the way no matter what you can boost my day with your posts. You seem like a person anyone would want as a friend. I would love to talk to you one day!

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