Halloween Decor

Welcome to the spooky Hanbury Park Farm!


Hi friends,

I have seen so many people posting their awesome decorations and house party photos from the seasonal holidays so just before I took mine down, I decided to take some pictures of my first Halloween in my apartment to share with you!

On the entrance stairwell to my apartment, I have a sign that says Beware!

In my living room, I tried so hard to not go too overboard!

Festive candles and some small pumpkins on my coffee table

Banners, a glittery gold pumpkin and a spiders web to decorate my fireplace

A Haunted Halloween Table Cloth and a Single Black Rose

Stay tuned for my first time decorating my own place with Christmas decorations (where fyi, I will be going all out!)

Did you do anything special for Halloween?

I went to a House Party dressed as a female version of Beetlejuice

I found a black and white striped shift dress from Missguided Online for £10. I messed up my hair a little and put some green spray in it. I used a purple paint base for my eyes, set with a few purple toned eye shadows and I added browns& greens around my face to make it look a bit dirty, earthy and scruffy. I think the look turned out okay!

Although there was a bit of a difference from the start of the night to the end…

There were some great outfits. I love seeing everyone dressed up! Here are some pictures from the night.

The joker

Apple bobbing and gifts in gunge – the kids had a great time!

It was a great night all round and good to be in such great company for such a special holiday. It was the weekend before my 22nd birthday so I enjoyed being around friends.

So, in the words of the London Underground, “next stop:” Christmas.

Have you started/finished your Christmas shopping? Are you rush buying or DIYing?

Seasons greetings where ever in the world you’re reading this from!

(If USA, happy Thanks-Giving! If hot location, go away with your perfect climate okay? I like my jumpers… and scraping the ice off my car. Flight, anyone?)

Lots of love,

Meg x

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