Playing Segway Polo On Sand

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If you saw my last blog post or my social media this weekend, you will know that I was at a very special annual event at Watergate Bay, Cornwall for the Aspalls Polo on the Beach 10th Anniversary Games.

To showcase the sport and gain a wider audience, Cornwall Segway were holding some taster sessions down on the beach for the general public to have a go for themselves. It proved very popular.

Steve and the gang were on hand for hours allowing people a few laps around the course. Even the Segway Polo Players had a quick run, to warm up before their showcase match to a huge audience that had gathered on the beach to watch. There is a small clip on my Facebook page if you’d like to see!

The guest team from Warwick Segway Polo Club consisted of:
Steve Chidlow – Captain and Chairman of the Club
Emma Thompson
Paul Davies
Andy Briggs (Played 1/2)
Bhushan Bodekar (Played 1/2)

Cornwall Segway Polo Team consisted of:
Steve Farnell – Captain
Paul Jenkin
Simon Angell
Nathan Angell

Referee: Paul Wykerd


The boys showing off our sweet new shirts from the front and back. Huge thank you to our sponsors! We are glad that you loved watching our performance.


Cornwall Segway Polo returned victorious with an end result of 7-1.


Celebrating in style at a very stylish event!

I think the victory was mostly down to Steve scaring off the competition!

We had such fun playing on sand. It was very humorous to watch the players trying to dodge the pockets of loose sand and occasionally losing balance for a second because they hit a bump or dip in the sand.

It was certainly an experience that I think every player should do because I think it makes you more aware of your surroundings and your terrain. I saw Jana posted a picture of her and Michael on the beach on their Segways this weekend too! We always train on astroturf pitches however I have played on grass and it was a similar experience, but not quite as unstable. It certainly improves your handling of the Segway. I have also been around Steve’s course at his base at Goonhilly, Cornwall which was an eye-opening, yet a very fun challenge. If you haven’t a go yet, definitely pay him a visit! Additionally, I have cautiously taken the Segway on a BMX track, this is less advised unless you are an adrenaline junkie – be sure to note that I went around it at tortoise pace!

Main theme: Sometimes Segway Polo can be too serious! These machines are phenomenal pieces of tech. Use them. Have fun once in a while.

If you would like to find out what else I got up to at the Aspalls Polo On The Beach event, click the button at the bottom on the right, to keep reading!

Meg x

Post sponsored by: Aspalls

Event sponsors: Joules, Jacquart, Tarquins, Treleavens, Becky Bettesworth

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