Aspalls Polo on the Beach

10th Anniversary Aspalls Polo on the Beach 2017

Hi Friends,

This weekend I will be taking a trip down to Cornwall (around 4/5 hours away from me) to join the gang for an exciting event – It is the 10th Anniversary games in the Aspall Polo on the Beach tournament. An iconic event in the Polo calendar with Horse Polo matches, a BBQ, beach party and exhibiting shows from our very own, Cornwall Segway Polo, a dog show and also Jousting too!

You all know full well by now that I do not agree to go to an event unless I am promised food!

As this is not strictly a Segway Polo event, I thought I would write a quick intro to explain Beach Polo in a little more detail:

The main difference between Beach Polo and Grass Polo is that adjustments must be made due to the pitch being smaller, so for example, there will be 3-a-side rather than a team of 4.

Beach polo pitches are similar in size to arena polo but are about 1/10th of the size of a grass pitch.

In Beach Polo, Player 1 is the attacking position, player 2 is the mid-field position and player 3 is the defence. There is only one umpire in beach polo and no player is allowed to approach the umpire during play.

In the same manner as Segway Polo, due to safety all players must play right-handed.

I would wear a ‘3’ as a defensive player – I’m wanting to grab myself one of these lovely polo shirts that are on sale from Joules, one of the event sponsors who has created an event shirt especially for the 10th-anniversary games. If you would like one too, you can get one online here.

Additionally, just like Segway Polo, the game is played in 4 chukkas/ quarters and ends are changed but at every goal scored rather than at the end of a chukka; This is due to wind and sun direction. The first three chukkas are six and a half minutes long. The last chukka is played for six minutes dead, unless there is a draw, in which case a knockout chukka is played. The clock does not stop when the ball goes out of play – in beach polo the clock is only stopped when a foul has been committed.

Restricted times as so as the pretty ponies do not wear themselves out!

In Segway Polo, there have been many arguments about ‘Right of Way’. In Horse Polo, no player may hook an opponent’s stick unless he is on the same side of the opponent’s horse as the ball is. Any dangerous play or rough handling is not allowed – a player may ride an opponent off, but must not charge in at an angle.

Cornwall Segway Polo – Polo on the Beach 2016 – Watergate Bay

So in many ways, it is very similar. I am looking forward to it and hope that you will check back this weekend for my overview of the event and to find out what I get up to at the afterparty – no promises I won’t have to taste-test Aspalls whilst on the beach!

Playing Segway Polo on the beach will certainly be an experience for me. We will be playing on X2s as we will be gliding on wet, hard sand with unstable riding conditions which may result in more falls and we will be using a slightly larger ball to avoid it sticking in the sand. It will be 4 on 4 with no goalie! Eep..

If you are nearby, the beach is TR8 4AA so pop down and say hello! On Saturday morning, we are getting some training in with guests, Warwick Segway Polo Club at Camborne College which is located at TR15 3RD and the first match starts at 9am so I will let you know how well I am able to hold up the goal-zone – If I manage to find myself a Tango Ice Blast upon arrival at Holywell Bay, I hope you boys are ready for a tough morning!

Meg x

Source: Watergate Bay

Event sponsors: Aspalls, Joules, Jacquart, Tarquins, Treleavens, Becky Bettesworth

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