Should we recognise assists?

Are assists just as important as goals?

Hi Friends,

As the Woz Cup is drawing ever closer and more teams are beginning to show their practice sessions with us all, it has got me thinking about recognition and respect in our game.

I believe that this is the sport that can really showcase that, compared to many other sports. The way in which Segway Polo players are able to act as opponents on the field, including aggressive communication, sharp tackling and screaming in the oppositions face when you have scored, compared to the laughter and fun we can all have, as soon as the whistle blows, is awesome! I have never known another sport like it.

The way that success is achieved in Segway Polo has even changed over the last 2 years for some; I have witnessed players fight for a different type of goal. There are certain players who will play to win, for their team, but also for themselves, maybe more so than their team in some cases. I am referencing ‘Top Goal Scorer’. This is interesting, as it shows that maybe the 1st place position isn’t the only desired prize anymore.

But what about those who guide the ball to the goal scorer? Are they equally as important? Or is it just a pretty meaningless statistic? Goals win games and shots on target lead to goals. But if that player hadn’t contributed in that way, the striker may not have had the ball or been in a position to score.

Whether we consider an assist as a personal achievement mentally, or whether it is written down alongside the goals scored to be a statistic that is referenced, I guess is a personal preference based on how you calculate your own success in how you performed.

Practically, if it were to become a stat, it would be the responsibility of the scorer on the sidelines that is writing down the goal scored and who by, to also note if the goal was assisted and who by.

Therefore, if any of the rules committee are reading this post, this is my suggested/ proposed criteria, if it were something that you would consider implementing in some way:

  • An assist can be awarded to the player who had given the last pass to the goal-scorer, provided that the action had a decisive importance for the goal.
  • No assist can be awarded if the goal-scorer takes advantage of a missed pass by an opponent; the assist has to come from a player on the same team

There is nothing wrong with mentally giving yourself a high-five if you are able to create an assisted shot that leads to a goal – after all, this is a team sport and each and every player in the team has a role to play – everyone is as important as each other! I am glad that I am part of a sport that carries so much respect and gratitude on the field, and in the bar too.

I cannot wait to see you all – not long left! Schnitzel and lollipops – Eek!

Meg x

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2 thoughts on “Should we recognise assists?

  • Maybe we should adopt the Playmaker also into Segway Polo as in real polo as one of the most valuable players or persons both on and off the field…

    I wrote this adoption to Segway Polo after reading the book Playmaker Polo by Hugh Dawney

    In Polo one of most important players on the field is the Playmaker.

    A playmaker is the player who creates an opportunity for the advantages of a team, or for other people.

    For a person, play making can be divided into three areas:

    You must have physical and financial courage as well as a skilled mind-set to start playing Segway Polo.

    The Segway Driving
    You must master the handling, maneuvering and most of all the human/segway interaction with a mallet in your hand.

    Be able to withstand the toughness when meeting superior teams or team mates that are more skilful in playing. Since Segway Polo is unique that the machines are all exactly the same, the only difference between players and teams comes in Segway Driving, Mallet handling excellence and finally team communication.

    Here is where the financial courage comes in, you need to invest in Segways, mallets, helmets and other equipment to be able to play Segway Polo.

    In the last area equipment not all have the possibility to afford their own Segway hence a polo player and playmaker who enables others to play are inevitably involved in a redistribution of wealth.

    Alexander van Riesen, Playmaker and Founder of Stockholm Segway Polo Club and Sthlm Saints Polo Team

  • Thank you Alex for your understanding, as always. I agree yet I had never considered a playmaker off the field; this is an interesting sub-context. I am not familiar with the Polo terms nor the work of Hugh Dawney, as I am one of few whom did not join Segway Polo from a Horse Polo background and know little of the sport. I will research and get back to you.

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