SPIP Day 1

Hi Friends,

As you all know I have traveled over to Barbados for the Segway Polo in Paradise tournament. Today was the first day of play but first, let me tell you about what I’ve been up to since arriving on Saturday evening.

So we hired a car to get us around the island. It is a little mini-moke which is basically a little, yellow automatic go-kart – it has no doors or Windows and the roof is just a piece of fabric that you can take off if you want but really, with no windows or doors, it’s not necessary. But it’s fun, it gets us around and although there was a little accident (when Nathan went to change gear and press down on the clutch that wasn’t there because it’s an automatic and Simon jolted into the back of the seat getting a bashed up nose), we’ve had a good laugh in it so far and lucky for us, no rain yet!


Our room is great; we have a bedroom, bathroom and a little kitchen/ dining area. Most importantly, it has air-conditioning! The communal pool is just outside our room and there is a lovely sea view that looks gorgeous at sun rise and sun set, which we have experienced due to jet lag! We are a 5 minute walk from the beach and some local shops including a supermarket where we’ve stocked up on drinks and snacks for the room. There’s some great restaurants nearby; so far, we’ve been to Zacchios which is a beautiful beach bar and we’ve had some fab food there including a local delicacy, the Flying Fish sandwich and I also tried their sea food pizza. Nathan and Simon said the burger and chips were lovely too (although, this was said in nodding with their mouths full). We have also been lucky enough to eat at a restaurant that one of our Bajan friends eats at locally which was a grill restaurant and the food there was good too. I had some Mali Mali (a really big fish) which was the local catch of the day with a Caribbean spice style coating and some chips and the others had either the same or jerk chicken and chips. There was a gathering at the Europa All Seasons resort to greet all players as most had arrived already and we had something to eat at the Asian/ Indian restaurant there and the meal was stunning – I really recommend the food here, in fact all of these places have had great food. We have tried a local fast food establishment which is the Barbados equivalent of McDonalds called Chefette and also numerous bars for many a Rum punch!


We have had 2 practices so far pre-tournament – the first was with the locals as we were some of the first to arrive on the island so were able to catch their weekly training session on Sunday. The second was Team England V the Internationals and this was a lot of fun!

Yesterday we went out as a group on a Catamaran trip on a beautiful boat with a fun crew. We payed €70USD for the whole trip which was run by Cool Runnings in Bridgetown and this included all the equipment that was needed, swimming with Turtles, seeing a shipwreck, a reef and all the little (and quite big) fishies we saw along the way and a fabulously tasty Bajan lunch buffet with freshly caught fish, some juicy chicken, rice and some delicious potato salad with some carrot cake for desert. Not to mention the Soco music (which I will definitely be downloading to my iPod!) and learning to dance like the locals!

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We finished up with the tournament welcome party at Pirate’s Cove which is a beach in Bridgetown with a bar where we could get cheap food and drinks while cooling off in the sea and chilling out on some loungers. Overall an awesome day with some even nicer company. The evening ended with registration for the tournament which was where we found out the teams, playing times/ format and also collected our shirts along with a goodie-bag filled to the top with treats including tokens for even more treats that I have not got yet! In my team, I don’t have Nathan or Simon so it will be very different for me!! But luckily, I got a great pick; Daniel from Spain, locals Che and Nevin from Barbados and also Paul, a fellow Brit. As I know there are people playing in the tournament reading this, I will not be sharing our team tactics and strategies on here..

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Although I can tell you that this mornings play went very well. We played one game of 2x 8 minute chukkas before heading back to our hotel to escape the heat of the day which is where I am writing this from now. All games have been very close in terms of scores, which shows that teams have been leveled out really well. I am looking forward to watching how it all plans out. The plans for the rest of the day are to find some food now and head back to the field for this evening’s games which I will update you on shortly!

Special thanks to Mark Harris for the pictures from today.

In the meantime, let me know if you liked this post and comment below which team you are supporting/ where you are reading this post from!

From Paradise, with love,

Meg xx


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