SPIP Day 2

Hi Friends,

So today the play continues; I, again, have 2 matches to play today – one in the morning and one in the evening.

The day began with a very early start which although was not welcomed by my sleepy head, it was nice in Barbados at that time because it is nice and warm but not yet too hot. On our balcony to welcome us, was a monkey, staring at us as if to be asking if we had any bananas to feed him; we have been told to stay clear of them though as they can be very aggressive. The early get-up was to go on a local breakfast radio show to publicize the sport and the tournament (or so I thought!) and once I arrived I found all my friends there too – one representative from each country – plus Drew to get some pictures of us on the air. They went on air in twos recording their little bit and explaining to the nation why we love our unique sport so much and also why Barbados is paradise (as if noone knows why already). Me and Nathan were scheduled to be the last in. We were called up into the studio and began our bit; our friends had gathered outside through a window to see us and the presenter turned to Nathan and said “I believe you have something you wanted to say.” which I assumed was just to let the people of Barbados know where we are playing and at what times so that we can introduce this fun, equal sport to more people who might just fall in love with it like we have. However, what came next was unpredictable. He proposed, on National radio in Barbados, around all of our friends, with the most beautiful ring. And of course, I said yes! So we have now joined the long list of couples within Segway Polo that are enjoying it as one.

At the exact same time that we were on the air, there was an injury of a fellow English player as they were making their journey to the pitch for the day’s games. April, who has only recently married her long term soul mate and fellow Segway Polo UK player, Mark, fell through a badly covered sewage drain and cut her leg to pieces. Luckily it wasn’t broken but she will have to remain Mark’s cheerleader on the sidelines for now until it begins to heal; which I’m sure, especially as they are currently on opposing teams in this tournament, Mark will not mind too much.

Once I had arrived at the pitch and I had received a big hug of congratulations from all (everyone appeared to know but me – which reminds me, Laura, my best friend whom tricked me into trying on ‘her’ ring so that Nathan could figure out my ring size, we are going to need to talk when I get back home little miss sneaky-pants! – I realized that my morning game today was actually against my fiance. Game on! Let’s play! Within 30 seconds of the game, he had scored past me and I thought, damn it, he’s got me here. Unfortunately, it was actually Paul that had got him – which resulted in a lot of cuts and grazes for him and a trip to the hospital in an ambulance for Nathan (who by this point had already pushed his finger back in as it was dislocated) to later find out that it was also broken. I have to say that the health and care services in Barbados were excellent from our experience today with both April and Nathan and it wasn’t as expensive as expected – however as a tip for anyone in the future – we found that it was actually more money to go through the insurance and pay the excess than it was to just pay the medical center directly. Glad that both are safe and well – Nathan returned to playing his 8.30pm match this evening.

As we are now half way through the tournament, I would like to make a comment on my views and what I’m seeing regarding the format of it etc. Daniel Hatch did an awesome job here; the teams are quite equal and up until the last moments I’m pretty sure that it will be as tough to call as it is now! What I’ve also started to see especially today is that teams are getting to know and are gelling with their players, meaning that partnerships that really work are beginning to form – this scares me a little as a goalie! The hosts are also really ensuring that we have the best possible time during our stay too, not only by enjoying the games and having fun that way but by letting us know where is good to eat lunch or making us aware of nice spots to visit on the island. Tomorrow, we are gathering at Ralf and Lidia’s house for Lutz’ birthday party between the morning and afternoon session which I’m very much looking forward to.

Scores from yesterday:

North Point 1 Batts Rock
Morgan Lewis 1 Sandy Lane 0
Soup Bowl 1 Harrison’s Cave 2
Flower Forest 1 Farley Hill 3
Batts Rock 1 Bottom Bay 1
Harrison’s Cave 3 Sandy Lane 1
Flower Forest 1 Soup Bowl 2
Farley Hill 2 Morgan Lewis 0
North Point 0 Bottom Bay 1
Harrison’s Cave 4 Batts Rock 2
Morgan Lewis 3 Soup Bowl 1
North Point 0 Sandy Lane 1

Hope you’re enjoying my updates; let me know.

Meg xx

P.S. I’m screaming with happiness right now.

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