Sport for the disabled

The importance of APA (adapted physical activity) for the disabled


Hi Friends,

Segway Polo has always been known as ‘The Sport of Equals’; all are equal – men/ women, young/ old, able/disabled… Segway machines are all made identically, meaning that one is not better than the other or modified to be faster/ slower/ less-reactive.

Sport is incredibly important for disabled people and is something that I wish was discussed more. Many people experience a low-self esteem and/or a lack of confidence which is why it may be difficult for them to involve themselves in a sport alongside other able-bodied peers, as this will cause them to compare their values, giving them a decreased sense of worth.

This is the same for able-bodied too, which is why I feel high as a kite gliding around on a Segway and why most players love the sport.

Sport can provide the ability to perform controlled movements whilst learning to build strength, coordination, further flexibility and balance as well as health and wellbeing benefits too; many experience a growth in maturity, physically and emotionally. They will feel part of something and the sense of achievement can give encouragement in the darkest moments – just like an able-bodied person. It has been proven to improve mood state with a reduction in anxiety and depression, with greater self-efficacy as they explore new experiences and maybe even new friendships. Sport can almost become a rehabilitation system.

Which is why I have collaborated with Bristol Street to launch their latest venture with assisted vehicles, an enhancement to Motorbility.

As the leading supplier of wheelchair accessible vehicles, they work to help people living with disabilities attain mobile independence, which I think is really important. They have a huge range of brands available and many payment options too – making it affordable for everyone. There is no excuse for ‘I can’t come’ when you have a top of the range assisted vehicle from Bristol Street Versa! If you know anyone that may benefit, please share the word and let them know that these fantastic adaptations are out there.

Check out their website here: Bristol Street Versa

I don’t know about you, but I would love to see more disabled athletes in the limelight – they are always welcome to come and experience the ultimate sport of equals, Segway Polo!

Meg x

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