Day 1 – Warwick Summer tournament

Hi Friends,

Yesterday saw the start of the Warwick Summer Friendly and everyone had great fun.

The kick off began with 2 pitches playing at the same time to the same clock so if there was any need to stop the game, it would be running into your game time  (which was an incentive to play well with no collisions or fouls so that you had more time to play). I think overall, this worked very well.

There are some of the Lions players in amongst other teams playing. This is because in England we have some new players and these players have not yet assigned to the Lions or the Bears and so we have created other teams in the meantime that are somewhat equal in order to give them an opportunity to play competitively, in a fair game.

Welcome to the Segway Polo family to all the new players and also to Nick from Team Cornwall who is their newest player – who was really tearing up the field yesterday!

After 2 games, we had a 2 hour break to charge the Segways in an attempt to make them last all day. In this time we had a picnic with sandwiches from a nearby cafe and some also got ice-creams because it was a really nice day for us. Following this, the international teams headed to play some Crazy Mini Golf as this is next to our Home Astro in Warwick. They had a lot of fun with mini golf clubs trying to get a hole in 1!


The matches started again at 3pm – our first game was against the Warwick Bears. Although they are the competition, they are our friends and home team – it was so great to see how much they are really coming on; some fantastic Polo by them yesterday. Our final game of the day was against Team Cornwall, which was when I noticed Lusty’s interesting ‘Mr V’ haircut! I learned the hilarious story behind this later in the evening – shout out to his wife Collette who couldn’t make it as the children are off school but we hope to see you soon! The game was really tough as they are such a tight team but it was really funny, we had a great time and it was a pleasure to play them.


We packed away and headed to Paul’s house which had invited everyone over for a BBQ – thank you for opening your beautiful home to us all for this Paul, we are all so grateful of your hospitality. There was so much food and sooo yummy! Alcohol was flowing and Team Cornwall, which are camping in Paul’s garden, realised they should put up the tents now in stead of trying to do it in the dark later on. This was very funny to watch.


I was in the kitchen with Paul and Emma trying to get all of the salads and meat ready; happy to help! We put on some music and had a fab time – we always have a good time around the Segway Polo family.

I am writing this the morning after however as last night, I managed to get through nearly a whole bottle (a small one) of Mount Gay Rum on my own.. I did tell you in my post about my time in the Tropical Utopia that it was my favourite!! So as you can imagine, I was not in a clear state to write it last night! As I left (about 11pm as we had an hour drive home), the ones still there who were staying the night, we’re playing some board games and getting quite competitive.


I hope that everyone will have a clear head this morning. I am certainly ready for the day – we have just arrived for kick off starting at 11am.


Check back tomorrow for a summary of today’s action!


Meg x

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