Throwback Thursday

Taking a look at where we have come in a moment of reflection


Hi Friends,

I’ve been taking some time to reflect on my journey as a whole through Segway Polo since I started playing and joined the family. This time 2 years ago, I was still on a massive high following playing in the first ever international event held in the UK! If you are new here, or you are wondering what it is like to be a player in this awesome, fun, modern new sport, this is what you can expect:

At the first ever Segway Polo tournament in the UK, I met the Spanish team, Segway Trip, for the first time as they played in their first ever tournament and were welcomed into the sport with open arms! They are all so lovely and bring great character and joy to any event they attend. They all have big hearts and big personalities. Viva Espania!

And we even got the guys from BBC Click to come up from their London studios to give us a few games too along with a VIP guest, Karl, the face of British Polo. They all had a blast and Karl did some humerous comentating for us!

Other special guests included this very pretty lady; Miss Barbados! She must have been freezing!

Since then, I have enjoyed many trips around the globe to catch up with the Segway Polo Family and have played some fun and challenging matches. I always love to learn something new about our sport every time I play each team – I wish that there were space for EVERY team to attend all tournaments so that I can spend more time with the teams that aren’t so frequently seen.

There has since been another event in the UK in which we had some overseas guests from Germany to kick-start our league here in England. They formed a team called the ‘Rat Pack’ and were great fun to play but there was so much talent shown, it was a very difficult game to play against them.

We came together to celebrate the marriage of the founders of UK Segway Polo, Mark and April Weller. A stunning occasion, thoroughly enjoyed by all and the start of exciting adventures with a new addition to the family following shortly after.

I have never experienced playing off the walls until I went to Hannover – What a different game altogether! It was a spectacle to watch as the game was so fast paced that if you took your eyes off the pitch or blinked even, the ball would be at the other end to where you thought it was. I learned so much just being a cheerleader at this one!

I had a blast in Solingen at the amazingly put together event by the Blades! Even a storm could not dampen our spirits. We just used the time to go to the bar together and had a drink instead, until it passed. If you are new to Segway Polo, trips to the bar when you are not playing but are around the family is rather common. Oddly enough, most languages understand ‘Beer?’.

I got the opportunity to experience a hot and sticky yet pure bliss at the Segway Polo in Paradise event in sunny Barbados – which has just released tentative dates for next year, so if this looks like something you’d enjoy then get planning for April 2018!

I had the pleasure of being a part of a fabulous team called ‘Bottom Bay’ (which was by far my favorite beach from our Island Tour!) who went on to win the tournament under Team Captain, Nevin along with Daniel from Spain who just missed out as MVP to Nathan from England.

Last September, I attended the tournament in Denia, Spain, put together by Roberto and his team. It was a fantastic event held in a beautiful location and I hope that they will hold it again so that I can return! I still did not get my hands on that ice cream tub that I spotted the Swedish with!!

I cannot believe how much has been achieved in the past year and I cannot wait to see what the next year holds! I know already that there are some fantastic events being put in place and I am looking forward to making lots more memories.

Starting with the Woz Cup in Hemer, Germany, the 2017 World Championships – is your team registered yet? We are putting in some hard work in training ready for this event. Let me know what your team is up to in preparation.


Meg xx

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