Turtles go to Spain!

Hi Friends,

Our fellow international players from Germany have gone to Spain to see the team and give them some practice before Segway Polo in Paradise, Barbados later this month.

So tomorrow, Saturday, there will be a friendly match of Segway Polo between Segway Trip Denia and the Funky-move Turtles from Germany!

This will be the first ever game of Segway Polo in Spain!

They play at 17:15 in the field of Rodat from Denia. I will keep you updated in the meantime!


Update: Looks like everyone had a great time! They even ate some traditional Paella which made me very jealous and hungry too!


And afterwards, Segway Trip Segway Polo announced: ‘Pronto informaremos de sorpresas!’ which means, soon we’ll announce surprises. Eek – I wonder what this could be! How exciting!

Until next time, Friends.

Love, Meg xx

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